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How Helium Balloons Work

When the air is heated, cold environment, rather than gradually, and finally begins in the upper atmosphere. In fact, the formation of hot air can be that due to the low density of the cold air. In simple terms, when the warm air decreases, and it causes a rise in the curve. Air wicker basket hanging on the same principle is "folder" trapped in hot air balloons, used with an eye toward the use of a heat source. It is generated by the presence of the warm air from the space, and increase the cold air, the balloon rises gradually.
Similar to that of a hot air balloon floating in the principle of Archimedes described - that says:
"Each article is immersed in a liquid in whole or in part, to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object variable equal strong."
If the object is moved the heavier liquid, tends to settle at the bottom of the sink. But if it's lighter than the displaced fluid, the teladabahudu (liquid) or increase (gas) for that. During a balloon, and the air in the hot air is less dense and hence increase outwardly. If hot air, helium is lighter than air, helium balloons and let this explains why, when the rise. Most importantly, the use of helium balloons, amusement park or family gatherings are not only limited, but it goes much further than that. In fact, the helium-filled balloons, advertising (tethered helium balloons) and Climate Studies (NASA Scientific Balloon Program) is used.
How Helium Balloons Work?
Helium gas balloons were originally seen as the best option between the light gases of the air, gas balloons filled with helium. In fact, the second lightest element helium in the world - not only because of the hydrogen, the lightest. Use helium balloons to help them in the sky to climb the liquid occurs when it is lighter than air. Initially, the density of matter immersed in the propellant / or less / more plays a crucial role in determining, dass The airtightness is waterproof, air-filled plastic bottle floating on the water in general is low. You can tie a rope to each end of the air-filled bottle and stone and throws it into the water, if you have a bottle floating in the water in the air as a gas balloon. Wholly or partially immersed in the fluid bottle floats upward force exerted on an object is defined, the "upper" of the.
Adjust floating air (gas) is not applicable, but is less dense, wind, water (liquid) is very low. For helium, the density of the air density is lower. The density of helium is only 0.1785 mg / L, and the specific density of the air, 1.25 g / L was significantly higher spoken nitrogen concentration in the air (which is 1.2506 g / L density). Due to the nearly 80 percent Also Air molecular weight of about seven times more than the sun, which is 28.9 4.0 molecular weight. The helium is used to form a balloon helium gas gradually lighter than air from the balloon overshoot and begins to fill. Research is often significantly with the upper atmosphere, the weather and the weather is higher because of the possibility of an unmanned helium balloons used study.
Helium balloons can lift as much weight;
Related helium balloon elevator is in turn directly proportional to the size of the balloon, the balloon is directly proportional to the size of the helium. First, to 28.2 grams helium to remove the load 1 cubic foot. Helium balloon learn to some weight lifting, you need to increase in size from 28.2 helium.
Step 1: Determine the size of the measurement with a helium balloon.
Sphere Volume = 4/3, where R = p.r3 radius, and P = 3.14 (approx)The balloon diameter of 10 meters, a radius of 5 mTherefore, the size of the helium-4/3 x 3.14 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 523.33 cubic meters
Step # 2: Click on the charge of helium balloons.
The payload (g) = volume (cubic meters) × 28.2 g (approx.)If the size of 523.33 cubic meters of helium, resilience 523.33 × 28.2 = 14757.90 g (32.53 pounds).
Interesting use of large balloons £ 8,000 NASA developed scientific research to a tax processing. NASA's Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, by the state of the art (CSBF) unmanned high altitude balloons for scientific research, managed 400 yards in diameter, was not able to gain access.
Continue to rise as a helium balloon, helium will continue to decrease in density. There is no limit to how high. Cover is denser than air, with the sun, but basically a helium balloon will rise. Air drop height of the concentration of information is equal to the concentration of helium in the balloon comes a point. Theoretically, the maximum height reached by a helium balloon, but is believed somewhere around 110,000 meters, determine the highest, how some things. Implementation of a helium balloon and a theoretical maximum of 110,000 Negotiable At the same time, at an altitude of 120,000 feet of scientific research in the development of NASA unmanned altitude balloons, how to achieve the ability to explain the impressive

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